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The IO-500 and the Virtual Institute of I/O

Date Wednesday, November 14th, 5:15pm - 6:45pm
Venue D173, Dallas, USA

Link to the official announcement.


The IO500 is quickly becoming the de facto benchmarking standard for HPC storage. Developed two years ago, the IO500 has released two official lists so far. A BoF highlight is the presentation of the third IO-500 list.

The general purpose of this BoF is to foster the IO500 and VI4IO communities to ensure forward progress towards the common goals of creating, sharing, and benefiting from a large corpus of shared storage data. We also serve as a repository of detailed information about production storage system architectures over time as a knowledge base for other researchers and system designers to use.

Goals of the BoF are to 1) reveal the current IO-500 list and provide highlights and insight; 2) advertise the community hub but also discuss and steer the direction of the community effort; 3) to discuss the benefit and direction of the efforts within the community.

The IO-500 benchmark consists of data and metadata benchmarks to identify performance boundaries for optimized and suboptimal applications. Together with comprehensive data from sites, supercomputers, and storage, in-depth analysis of system characteristics are tracked by the list and can be analyzed. In contrast to other lists, the IO-500 collects the execution scripts for providing means of result verification and sharing best practices for data centers.

Goals of the Virtual Institute for I/O are:

  • Provide a platform for I/O researchers and enthusiasts for exchanging information
  • Foster international collaboration in the field of high-performance I/O
  • Track, and encourage, the deployment of large storage systems by hosting information about high-performance storage systems

Expected HPC audience are 1) I/O experts from data centers and industry, 2) researchers/engineers working on high-performance I/O for data centers, 3) domain scientists and computer scientists interested in discussing I/O issues.

The outcome of this BoF will steer the direction of the community efforts.


We have a series of short talks followed by a discussion.

  • The status of the IO-500Jay Lofstead
  • The Virtual Institute for I/O and the High-Performance Storage ListJulian Kunkel
  • Benefit and fun providing system detailsGlenn LockwoodSlides
  • The new IO-500 listJohn Bent SlidesUpdated after the BOF to add about 80 graphs of analysis
  • Community & IO-500
    • Tuning the IO-500 benchmarkGeorge Markomanolis
    • Reproducibility with IO500…and challengesGeorge Markomanolis
    • The Data AcceleratorAlasdair J. King
    • IO500 on Bancho Cluster of Exascaler/LustreShuichi Ihara (DDN)
  • DiscussionJay, Julian, John, George