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IO500 List

The above table shows the current IO500 list as of SC17. By default the merely shows the top-level summary information.

Expanding the table

To show more data, such as the individual benchmark scores, use the “Add column” drop-down box above. There are shortcuts, such as ior.*, to add all of the individual benchmarks within a group. The three groups are the bandwidth scores, as measured with ior, the metadata scores, as measured with mdtest, and the find scores (currently just one), as measured with the find utility.

Adding custom columns

To add a custom (i.e. derived) column, merely enter an equation in the Equation field above.

For equations you may use variables, i.e., use the group name of the metrics you want to use and replace space in the variable name with underscore, for example:

  • io500.score / information.client_nodes
  • / information.client_nodes
  • mdtest.easy_create / information.client_nodes

If the metrics name is unambiguous, you may omit the group name, i.e., the following is valid:

  • score / client_nodes
  • bw / client_nodes
  • easy_create / client_nodes

Scoring information

The score by which the ranking is computed is the 'score' column. This 'score' column is merely the square root of the product of the 'bw' and 'md' scores. The 'bw' score is the geometric mean of the IOR scores and the 'md' score is the geometric mean of the mdtest scores and the find scores.

Further information

Submit for the next list

Please consider submitting your own result to make it onto the next list! Instructions are provided on the submission page.