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The source code is available at GitHub.


$ git clone -b io500-sc20 
$ cd io500 
$ ./

We know that the library libcircle which is required for the pfind test is not easy to get compiled on Cray systems.It is required to modify the configure file to avoid verifying the MPI version by options such as –showme that do not exist on Cray MPI. Check also

A video with the installation procedure is here.

How to execute and tune the IO-500 benchmark

Basic steps

  1. Create a job submission script (if applicable) to execute the script which is located in the io-500-dev folder. Provide enough execution time and adjust the reserved resources.
  2. Edit the file to set allowed parameters, and create an ini file using “./io500 –list > myconfig.ini” and edit available parameters. Remember that you need to execute all the mandatory tests for a valid submission.
    • Adjust the variables io500_mpirun and to io500_mpiargs according to your system and test case.
    • Then the following variables could be adjust io500_ior_easy_size, io500_ior_easy_params, io500_mdtest_easy_files_per_proc, io500_ior_hard_writes_per_pro, io500_mdtest_hard_files_per_proc in order to achieve the minimum of 5 minutes executing for IOR easy/hard write, and mdtest easy/hard/write.
    • You can add system-specific information to the script, otherwise you can provide it during upload.
      The info creator helps to create the required output.
  3. Execute your submission job script that runs the “ myconfig.ini” script.
  4. Verify that all the results are valid.

A video with the execution and tuning procedure is here.

When you modify tunables check that the changes are allowed according to the IO500 rules.