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You are welcome to participate on this effort. There are different levels of participation. There is no need to actively contribute, you can simply subscribe to some mailing lists and add comments on relevant pages.

Join us on Slack. If there is any issue joining Slack, please contact

Mailing lists

We host several related Mailing lists which you can join.


We use this mailing list to announce significant changes to this platform. It is a low-traffic list.


This list can be used by everybody to announce relevant call for papers, participation or workshops related to I/O topics. It is kind of a storage research list.


This list is dedicated to everybody who wants to contribute to the effort of the Virtual Institute for I/O. You are welcome to post to this list, if you have questions how you can contribute or suggestions how we can improve the effort, e.g., such as the content of the wiki.


If you are interested to contribute more to VI4IO, for example, by adding new content to the wiki, please register by logging in with a Facebook or Google account. You can then theoretically immediately start to edit and create new pages about tools and groups. There are several guidelines, though. If you are in doubt, please send an email to the IO-contribute mailing list.