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This site describes the systems deployed at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory STFC.

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System architecture

JASMIN is architected as a large data , small compute - a “Super Data Computer”. It comprises a flexible mix of services including :

  • 44Pbytes (Usable) high performance storage. A mix of
    • Scale Out file.
    • Traditional Parallel file.
    • Flash File.
    • High performance object storage.
  • 80Pbytes Tape capacity.
  • Compute resources of around 20,000 cores split between
    • (An approximation to) A traditional HPC batch system.
    • 2 OpenStack Clouds - both IaaS and PaaS in each.
    • Traditional virtualisation.
    • Container platforms.
  • Data transfer zone (“Science DMZ”)

Utilising only a high performance low latency ethernet network for connectivity. The network uses a 5 Tier CLOS Layer 3 Routed architecture.


JASMIN Is the UK's Environmental Data Analysis Platform.

JASMIN Is largely funded by the UK's Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and hosted at the Science and Technologiy Facilities Council's, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. It is managed jointly by the Scientific Computing and RAL Space departments.