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nfsiostat, displays I/O-Usage for NFS clients making it an easy solution for clusters using nfs-shares. The tool works simmilar to iostat, just for nfs-shares instead of block-devices, it is however not officially affiliated with iostat. nfsiostat is part of nfs-utils.


nfsiostat is used by specifying an interval measurements are taken at as a positional argument nfsiostat 2 will display a new measurement every 2 seconds.


Linux (home8)  02/10/2013  _i686_ (1 CPU)

02/10/2013 03:38:48 PM
Filesystem:               rMB_nor/s    wMB_nor/s    rMB_dir/s    wMB_dir/s    rMB_svr/s    wMB_svr/s     ops/s    rops/s    wops/s
                         1230649.19   1843536.81         0.00         0.00   1229407.77   1843781.39 4661000.00 1238000.00 2342900.000


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