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This site describes the systems deployed at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), operated by the Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC).

Site characteristics

System architecture

SCC@KIT operates the German tier 2 supercomputer ForHLR (I and II) and the tier 3 supercomputer bwUniCluster. All supercomputers are attached to a common Infiniband fabric which is connected between 2 sites over a network distance of 30 km. A total of 10 Lustre file systems are connected to the common Infiniband fabric.


The Infiniband network consists of a mixture of QDR, FDR and EDR Infiniband components. The WAN connection use a total of 8 MetroX which provide 8 FDR10 connections (320 Gbit/s) over 2 separate dark fibres.

The 10 Lustre file provide storage space for permanent data (home, project) and for scratch data. Some of the file systems are mounted on all supercomputers while others are mounted on only one supercomputer and are used for dedicated scratch space.