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KAUST hosts the Shaheen II supercomputer which is tightly coupled with one Lustre file system.


Acquired in March 2015, Shaheen II is a Cray XC40 delivering over 7.2 Pflop/s of theoretical peak performance. With 5.536 Pflop/s of sustained LINPACK performance, Shaheen II is the seventh fastest supercomputer in the world according to the TOP500 list in July 2015. The system has 6,174 dual sockets compute nodes based on 16 cores Intel Haswell processors running at 2.3GHz. Each node has 128GB of DDR4 memory running at 2300MHz. Overall the system has a total of 197,568 processor cores and 790TB of aggregate memory. Fig. 1 summarizes the specifications of the Shaheen II system.