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The first IO500 List is now available!


The creation of a suite of I/O benchmarks to compare facilities and storage systems. Subgoals of the benchmark are:

  • Capture user-experienced performance
  • Reported performance is representative for:
    • applications with well optimized I/O patterns
    • applications with random-like workloads
    • workloads involving metadata small/objects

The list will be curated and linked to the Data Center List allowing to compare system information and theoretic performance to actually measured performance.

Reasons for Participation

  • The reputation that comes from a *500 ranking
  • Ease comparison of I/O characteristics from your site with other sites!
  • Document relevant best practices for your site

Running the IO-500 benchmark

Running the benchmark suite is comparably easy. It consists of scripts to prepare and setup an initial run.

Communication & Contribution

If you are interested in the status or to contribute use our communication channels:


Our strategy is as follows:

  • Build on existing benchmarks
  • Plugin systems should allow for alternative storage technology
  • Start by reporting a single metric per benchmark, later decide about a single IO500 number


Our timeline and history for establishing of the benchmark are as follows:

  • Nov 2017, Birds-of-a-feather during the Supercomputing; discussion
  • March 2017, Discussion of the IO500 during the UIOP workshop
  • May 2017, Discussion of the IO500 during the Dagstuhl Seminar
  • May 2017, Initial draft for IO500 benchmarks
  • ISC HPC 2017, Birds-of-a-feather session; presentation of the proposal, presentation of results for some data centers