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The list is ordered by date.

Date Event name (link) Location Short description
2016-11-14 PDSW-DISCS Salt Lake City, USA The objective of the joint International Workshop on Parallel Data Storage and Data Intensive Scalable Computing Systems workshop is to combine two overlapping communities and to better promote and stimulate researchers’ interactions to address some of the most critical challenges for scientific data storage, management, devices, and processing infrastructure for both traditional compute intensive simulations and data-intensive high performance computing solutions.
2016-11-14 DataCloud Salt Lake City, USA The DataCloud 2016 workshop will focus on the use of cloud-based technologies to meet the new data intensive scientific challenges that are not well served by the current supercomputers, grids or compute-intensive clouds.
2016-09-12 IEEE Cluster Taipei, Taiwan IEEE Cluster hosts a popular Data, Storage, and Visualization track
2016-06-23 HPC IODC Frankfurt, Germany The workshop brings together I/O experts from data centers and application workflows to share current practices for scientific workflows, issues and obstacles for both hardware and the software stack, and R&D to overcome these issues.

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