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This page contains a list of related research groups; by clicking a particular characteristics, the list is filtered. Multiple characteristics can be selected.

Filtered by layers='middleware'

TitlenationalityinstitutionlayersknowledgeLast Modified
ES/UPMESUniversidad Politecnica de Madridmiddleware, cloud, file systemshigh performance storage, machine learning, monitoring, big data2020/08/13 17:09
ES/BSCESBarcelona Supercomputing CenterNoSQL DB, middleware, file systems, Lustre, FUSE, IO scheduler, NVRAMvirtualization, simulation, monitoring, machine learning, integrating IO in programming models, object-oriented storage, prefetching, placement, burst buffers2020/08/13 17:09
DE/UHAMDEUniversität Hamburgmiddleware, file systems, FUSE, HDF5, NetCDF4, MPIIO, Lustre, PVFS2compression, energy-efficiency, monitoring2020/08/13 17:09
US/ANLUSArgonne National Laboratorymiddleware, file systems, MPIIO, HDF5simulation, analysis, PVFS22020/08/13 17:09
ES/HPC4EASESUniversitat Autònoma de Barcelonamiddleware, HDF5, NetCDF, MPI-IO, cloud storage, block device, NVRAM, SSD, HDD.benchmarking, analysis, monitoring, modeling, simulation.2020/08/13 17:09
DE/LRZDELeibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ)middleware, MPI-IO, HDF5, NetCDF.benchmarking, analysis, monitoring, modeling2020/08/13 17:09
CH/ETHCHETH Zurichmiddleware, virtualization, file system, network, workflow, applicationbenchmarking, modeling, simulation, in-situ, virtualization, data management, machine learning, network2020/08/13 17:09
UK/HPSUKUnversity of Readingmiddleware, file systems, FUSE, HDF5, NetCDF4, MPIIO, Lustre, PVFS2modeling, compression, simulation, energy-efficiency, monitoring2020/08/13 17:09

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