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-====== Submission ====== 
-//This page contains the information about the submission procedure.//​ 
-===== Deadline ===== 
-The IO-500 list is released during ISC and SC. 
-Submissions to the upcoming list can be made all year.  
-However, **to be included in the next release**, we must receive the submission the last Sunday before of the respective conference. 
-===== Submission instructions ===== 
-There are two options to submit to the IO-500: 
-1) send an [[mailto:​|email]] with attachments:​ 
-  * The (potentially) adapted 
-  * The output directory of the benchmark (variable io500_result_dir in 
-  * If possible, please mention which system is covered of the [[:​hpsl:​start|CDCL]] or provide system information such that we can add the system to the CDCL! 
-2) Use our [[https://​​io500-submission/​|online form]]. 
-We will reply to you, to confirm reception and any question that may arise. 
-Privacy statement: ​ 
-//Note that we may publish all data submitted, so by submitting the information you give us the right to publish the data.//