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 +{{ :​io500:​logo-io500.png?​200}}
 +===== 2020-07 =====
 +This is the official list from [[https://​​|ISC High Performance 2020]].
 +The list shows the best result for a given combination of system/​institution/​filesystem.
 +Please also see the other lists:
 +[[https://​​io500/​list/​20-07/​10node|10 Node]]
 +[[https://​​io500/​list/​20-07/​full|Full list]]
 +[[https://​​io500/​list/​20-07/​historic|Historic list]]
 +<​io500> ​
 +radar=true ​
 +</​io500> ​
 +[[https://​​assets/​io500/​2020-07/​data.csv|Download the complete data of the ranked list as CSV]]
 +[[https://​​assets/​io500/​2020-07/​data-full.csv|Download complete data (full list) as CSV]]
 +//Values with* indicate that a value for the computation was missing.// \\
 +//§ these metadata scores are not compatible because of rule changes in SC19 [[https://​​VI4IO/​io-500-dev/​blob/​master/​|Changelog]].
 +Further lists with more detail can be found on the navigation menu.
 +For example, a list with [[internal:​io500:​full|radar chart and configurable scoring]].