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 ===== The Lists ===== ===== The Lists =====
-There are several ​lists available that show the submissions. +We publish multiple ​lists for each BoF at SC and ISC as well as maintaining ​the current most up-to-date lists. We publish a **historic ​list** ​of all submissions received and multiple filtered lists from the historic ​list.  
-We provide two three types of lists the **ranked ​list**the **full ​list**, and **derived list**. +We maintain a **Full List** which is the subset of submissions which were valid according to the set of [[io500:​rules:​submission|list-specific rules]] ​in place at the time of the list’s publication.
-Any submission ​will always be visible ​in the full list.+
-For a **ranked list**, however, there are conditions that disqualify ​submissions+Our primary lists are **Ranked Lists** which show only opted-in ​submissions ​from the **Full List** and only the best submission per storage systemWe have two ranked lists: ​the **IO500 List** for submissions ​which ran on any number of client nodes and the **10 Node Challenge ​list** ​for only those submissions ​which ran on exactly ten client nodes 
-**Ranked lists** are used in a competition for an award while any other list serves ​the purpose of information. +
-Firstly, a submitter must permit ​the use in a specific ​**ranked list** -- this allows to submit smaller ​submissions ​without competing with big systems. +
-Secondly, a list may require certain conditions, for example, the 10 node challenge in 2018 required that 10 client nodes were used. +
-The primary list of the IO-500 is the (ranked) IO-500 list, the prestigious award list we are about. +
- +
-**derived ​list** ​uses some kind of metrics to reorder ​submissions ​or hide specific conditions, e.g., fastest systems with HDDs.+
 +In summary, for each BoF, we have the following lists:
 +  * **Historic list**: all submissions ever received ​
 +  * **Full list**: the subset from the **historic list** that was valid
 +  * **IO500 List**: the subset from the **full list** with only the best submission per storage system
 +  * **10 Node Challenge List**: the subset from the **full list** with only the best submission per storage system ran on exactly ten nodes
 ===== Workloads ===== ===== Workloads =====